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When VdGS Music Editions were first issued in the 1960s, they were called Supplementary Publications. Their purpose was to make British viol music available in good value playable editions. They were carefully edited by enthusiasts from original sources and written out in clear manuscript. There are now over 200 titles in the catalogue. And these have recently been typeset and are now available with scores. Parts have been set with the player's needs foremost. Where possible the parts are still available in manuscript as an alternative to typeset and alternative clefs can be requested. Many VdGS Music Editions have organ parts.

In the last forty years many works by major viol composers have been re-published in collected editions. The VdGS publications save players from having to buy a whole collection in order to find out whether they like that composer. They can buy one or two titles from a collection which are generally fairly cheap and often include an organ part. Unattributed compositions and those composers with few surviving pieces are less popular with publishers and are often only available as VdGS Music Editions. The series includes some of the best of British viol music.

The VdGS music editions are now also available from the Early Music Shop and from Alice Renken of the VdGSA (US)

If you own an A3 printer, have a large tablet, or have a local printing service then you may prefer to purchase VdGS music editions in PDF format at half the price of printed editions (so for members that is one quarter of full price) - these files are for purchasers’ use only and not for re-distribution in any form. The PDF files will contain the cover, score and parts as A4 pages for use on a tablet and with instructions for how to print these in booklet form on an A3 printer duplex printer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Order as usual by e-mailing Stephen Pegler - link below.
Catalogue & Ordering

Download the Music Editions list & order form:
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To order, send an e-mail to Stephen Pegler or fill in the order form and post to the address on the form.
You will need to calculate the postage and VdGS society members will need to subtract their discount.
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Music Editions are produced, printed and distributed by volunteers in the society as a benefit to members and they will be happy to offer advice on these editions and on published alternatives.

Tips for Sibelius Users

Are you a Sibelius user? Here are some tips on setting Lyra Viol Tablature in Sibelius | by Richard Carter
There are, coincidentally, two music publishers preparing their first computer-set lyra viol editions at the moment, both using the Sibelius software, and as I have been editing and publishing viol tablature in Sibelius since 2004, I was consulted as to how this is best achieved. The ensuing exchange also taught me a lot, and it was felt that the jointly accumulated ideas might be of interest to other members who have grappled with this challenge. To this end I have prepared a lyra viol ‘tutorial’, which is available in pdf form here:
  • A general introduction on where to start and the problems you may encounter download .pdf

    Here are some tips for setting Early Music in Sibelius Software | by Stephen Pegler


The price shown on these pages is for non-members.  Members of the GB VdGS are entitled to 50% discount off the full price, members of other Viola da Gamba societies can deduct 25%. 

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