Next meeting

Saturday 28 October 10.30-16.45
St. Gabriel’s Church Hall, 77 Chichele Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 3AQ
The Viol in Mixed Consorts

10.30 Arrival & Coffee
11.00 Talk by John Bryan of the Rose Consort and Huddersfield University
‘A melodious noiz’: the role of the viols in the broken consort repertory. The broken consort, with its unique combination of bowed, plucked and blown instruments was an ensemble frequently utilised for entertainments in late Tudor and early Stuart England.  What was expected of the viols and their players in this ensemble?  By looking in detail at the surviving parts, both printed and in manuscript, for the treble and bass viols in the broken consort we can not only gain some idea of how these instruments worked in conjunction with the other members of the ensemble, but the specific types of embellishment players of these viol parts were expected to perform and perhaps apply to other types of music.
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Talk by William Lyons of The City Musick
Jacobean Theatre Bands
William Lyons is Musical Director at the Globe Theatre, and will give a presentation on his recent researches on the use of bands in Jacobean theatre, which featured viols and were often in Broken Consort format. More details to follow.
14.45 Tea
15.15 Talk by Matthew Spring of Bath Spa University
The “Oxford” Partbooks
Matthew Spring will speak about his recent investigations into this set of partbooks in the Bodleian Library, which dates from around 1650 and is for lute, viol, violin, lyra viol and theorbo. We hope to assemble a volunteer consort to perform some examples.
16.30 Tea / departure

Details of future VdGS Meetings

Spring 2018 AGM Meeting April 7 th (t.b.c.) in Oxford. Details to be confirmed, but are likely to include presentations by Charles Medlam on Simpson’s “Sapphic Ode”, Bill Hunt on the historic use of viols at “high pitch” (A465), and Richard Boothby on the consort music of Robert Parsons.
Summer and Autumn 2018 meetings yet to be arranged.

Meetings are meant for people who are interested in the viol to get together to learn more and meet each other. They are a great place for newcomers to start as well as a forum for the latest research and ideas to be debated. There are always a number of different speakers and live music. There are usually three meetings each year (normally in March, June and November), at least one of which is in central London.
Our meetings are free to members, but a small charge or donation is requested from non-members.