Next meeting

7th April 2018
Change of Venue!

West Oxford Community Centre, Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0BT
Details to be confirmed, but are likely to include presentations by Charles Medlam on Simpson’s Sapphic Ode, Bill Hunt on the historic use of viols at ‘high pitch’ (A465), and Richard Boothby Richard Boothby on the newly-discovered Abel sonatas. If you wish to propose a motion at the AGM, please consult the new VdGS Rules on the website. Notice of a motion must be received by the Administrator not less than 42 days before the date of the meeting.

Details of future VdGS Meetings

Summer and Autumn 2018 meetings yet to be arranged.

Meetings are meant for people who are interested in the viol to get together to learn more and meet each other. They are a great place for newcomers to start as well as a forum for the latest research and ideas to be debated. There are always a number of different speakers and live music. There are usually three meetings each year (normally in March, June and November), at least one of which is in central London.
Our meetings are free to members, but a small charge or donation is requested from non-members.