Join us for another interesting meeting, this time on 18 April 2020 at Faculty of Music, Oxford
Joint meeting with the Lute Society with a focus on Masque Music.

The Viol - Back Page Ad Offer to recording artists The back page of ‘The Viol’ offers a full A4 advertising space to accommodate a full colour ad in return for the donation of 10 CDs from the artist, group or recording company for sale at a prices set by VdGS for VdGS funds.
The CDs should be sent to the Administrator by a date agreed with the Editor of ‘The Viol’ and the 10 CDs will be sent to the Administrator: Susan Challinor, VdGS, 12 Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 6BE, United Kingdom by the date agreed with the VdGS Administrator. Any further requests for CDs will be forwarded to the contact provided with all payments direct to them. A PDF or JPEG image of the advertisement will be sent to the VdGS Administrator at admin@vdgs.org.uk within 14 days of the publication date agreed with the Editor.

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2018 JOURNAL The 2018 Journal is now downloadable from this site (look under 'Publications').

Going on a course? Doing research? Get assistance from the Joy Dodson Music Fund - download the guidelines

VdGS Music Editions - print your own! If you own an A3 printer, have a large tablet, or have a local printing service then you may prefer to purchase VdGS music editions in PDF format at half the price of printed editions (so for members that is one quarter of full price) - these files are for purchasers’ use only and not for re-distribution in any form. The PDF files will contain the cover, score and parts as A4 pages for use on a tablet and with instructions for how to print these in booklet form on an A3 printer duplex printer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Order as usual by emailing Stephen Pegler - details under 'Publications > Music Editions'.

Michael Fleming and John Bryan Early English Viols (Routledge, 2016)
Winner of the Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize
Musical repertory of great importance and quality was performed on viols in sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England. This is reported by Thomas Mace (1676) who says that ’Your Best Provision’ for playing such music is a chest of old English viols, and he names five early English viol makers than which ’there are no Better in the World’. Enlightened scholars and performers (both professional and amateur) who aim to understand and play this music require reliable historical information and need suitable viols, but so little is known about the instruments and their makers that we cannot specify appropriate instruments with much precision. Our ignorance cannot be remedied exclusively by the scrutiny or use of surviving antique viols because they are extremely rare, they are not accessible to performers and the information they embody is crucially compromised by degradation and alteration. Drawing on a wide variety of evidence including the surviving instruments, music composed for those instruments, and the documentary evidence surrounding the trade of instrument making, Fleming and Bryan draw significant conclusions about the changing nature and varieties of viol in early modern England.
Andrew Ashbee The Harmonious Musick of John Jenkins. Volume II - New Book in 2020! available here
Cambridge Instrument Agency Own a period instrument? Would you like to share it with younger generations? Cambridge Early Music has teamed up with Cambridge Music Hub and the Academy of Ancient Music to conduct a pilot to compile an inventory of period instruments (used or unused) which could be lent and borrowed by young artists and students in the locality. If the response is positive we aim to expand this pilot on a national level and produce a national online inventory.
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The Viola da Gamba Society was founded in 1948 with the aim of advancing the study of viols, their music, their playing, and their making. Since then the Viola da Gamba Society has gone from strength to strength and has now over 500 members worldwide. The activities of the VdGS include three meetings a year and the distribution of a popular quarterly newsletter, and extend to hosting a bi-annual beginners' course, a busy viol hire scheme, an annual online journal and a fund to help young players attend courses.

A 'History of the Viola da Gamba Society 1948-1998' by Dr John Catch is available for purchase from the administrator.
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